Opposition  Leader Nana Kate : Letter to Commissioner Shravan Hardikar 

Pimpri Chinchwad :

Water supply is supplied to Pimpri Chinchwad from Pawana Dam. In the rainy season, without lifting water from the dam, it is lifted from the dam of Rawat to the city of Pimpri-Chinchwad. However, the water collected from the river basin is being subtracted from the approved water quota.

This is affecting the city’s approved quota. Opposition leader Nana Kate demanded that the state government should increase the sanctioned quota of water in view of the rapidly growing population of Pimpri Chinchwad city.  A letter to Commissioner Shravan Hardikar in this regard.

Although the natural water collected from the Rawet dam is taken up, it is measured in quota.

This affects the municipal quota approved by the Water Resources Department.  In fact, the water resources are drained by the Water Resources Department for the safety of the dam after filling the dam 100% from the Pawana Dam.  This year, the Pawana Dam was eroded. Therefore, the urban settlements had to suffer the temptation to enter the water. Water collected during the period of discharge should not be excluded from the approved quota of the Corporation.  Considering the rapidly growing population of Pimpri Chinchwad city, the quota approved by the state government should be increased. However, Nana Kate demanded that the municipal corporation, which naturally picked up the water in the Rawat dam, be excluded from the sanctioned quota during the period of irrigation, or that it should be properly pursued with the state government to take a strategic decision to increase the sanctioning quota.


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